The Holiday’s are upon us…

Here we are gearing up for both of our Holiday’s for year end of 2014. Where does the time go?   It’s always wise to keep in mind how we can keep some of the calories a bit lower than they need to be in some of our cooking.   Just by using a few thoughtful tips, you can enjoy the great foods you & your family have loved over the years.  Also, remember it’s much easier to add a little salt later than over salt items. Sodium is a big item for many people and a bit less is always better. I am so looking forward to spending time with my family back East for Christmas.  It’s been many years as I have always been working in the San Francisco Bay area during the Holiday’s but this year I’ve decided to spend some quality time with my incredible Dad as he moves through his 90’s in remarkable shape, mind & body, along with his big sister.   I will be preparing some of his favourite meals that I’ve learned from my Mom and Grandparents during my youth.  They truly gave me the mind to eventually enter into the field of Culinary Arts. 

I wish you all the healthful and Happy Holiday season and the very best for 2015. 

Fondly,    Chef Steve